8 Unknown Facts About Indian Festivals

Sun 20 Aug

1. Diwali's Scientific Significance

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, coincides with the darkest night and celebrates the triumph of light over darkness.

2. Holi's Colorful Chemistry

Holi's vibrant colors were traditionally made from natural herbs and flowers, each carrying symbolic meanings.

3. Pongal's Solar Connection

Pongal, a harvest festival in South India, marks the sun's northward journey and is observed with feasting and rituals.

4. Navaratri's Nine Forms

Navaratri honors the nine forms of Goddess Durga, symbolizing feminine power, and includes energetic dance forms like Garba.

5. Eid's Sweet Traditions

During Eid al-Fitr, sweet dishes like Seviyan are enjoyed after a month of fasting, symbolizing a joyful end to Ramadan.

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6. Onam's Floral Artistry

Onam's Pookalam, intricate flower rangoli, welcomes King Mahabali and signifies the region's cultural and agricultural richness.

7. Makar Sankranti's Skyward Celebrations

Kite flying during Makar Sankranti symbolizes reaching new heights and embracing change as winter shifts to spring.

8. Baisakhi's Harvest Fest

Baisakhi celebrates the harvest with dance, music, and feasting, also marking the foundation of the Khalsa Panth by Guru Gobind Singh.

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