Top 10 Tourist Attractions In India

Taj Mahal, Agra

This iconic white marble mausoleum is a symbol of eternal love and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Known as the "Pink City," Jaipur offers a blend of historical forts, palaces, and vibrant markets, including the Hawa Mahal and Amber Fort.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

The spiritual heart of India, Varanasi is famed for its ghats along the Ganges River, where religious rituals and ceremonies take place.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

The bustling city of Mumbai boasts a mix of colonial architecture, entertainment hubs, and the gateway to Bollywood.

Kerala Backwaters

A network of serene lakes, canals, and lagoons surrounded by lush landscapes offers a tranquil and picturesque experience.

Golden Temple, Amritsar

The holiest shrine in Sikhism, the Golden Temple is a breathtaking sight, especially when illuminated at night.

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